Shop Local Orange County

Shop Local Orange County is a consumer-driven, community-focused social site for locally owned businesses. It is one website in a network of community-centric websites that support, market, and advertise businesses that have come together to support small business in Orange County. We bring out the best in your OC city for you!

You will find the best locally owned businesses in your town with Shop Local OC’s directory. There are lists of restaurants, dentists, gyms, and much more. If you’re looking for professional services, you can find landscapers, contractors, electricians, and plumbers.

Shop Local OC was created specifically to support locally owned independent business owners and encourage local buying that strengthens our thriving community by raising awareness about the economic, environmental, and community benefits of shopping, dining, and buying from local small business owners!

Thinking Local First!

Get involved. All locally owned OC businesses are eligible to participate, but locally owned, independently operated, small business owners are the priority of this.

Want to recommend a local business? Use the Referral (Sign Up) feature, and make sure to check Referral in the category section.

Think Local and “Follow” or “Review” your favorite restaurant on social media or a fellow local business you’ve worked with that you’d highly recommend to others!

Post Covid-19, we’re all in this together, so let’s support each other! #LOVELOCAL #ShopLocalOC

Shop Local OC is all about independently owned businesses across the county reaching out to their communities and educating their neighbors about the many benefits of “buying local.”

You can support the cause and help revive your city’s economy by shopping at your friends’ and neighbors’ local stores. Buy their products. Eat their food. Use their services. In turn, these locally owned and operated businesses will continually pump your hard-earned dollars back into the local economy by way of taxes, payrolls, and purchases.

This means more money for roads, schools, services, and new jobs in your community.

Shop Local OC is working to recognize all socially responsible businesses, both large and small. The movement focuses on helping the little guys not just survive but thrive…and all the while helping them to contribute to their community. Small business owners think money spent in your community should largely stay there! These locals aren’t just “moms and pops.” They’re all about family—brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins, neighbors, friends—all the people who make your community a wonderful place to live. They’re shelter volunteers, firemen, nurses, doctors, youth sports coaches. They’re the folks who sing in your church choir, volunteer at the animal shelters, and YOU.

Shop Local OC

Beyond their size, small businesses are defined by their spirit. And at the helm are their intrepid founders—scrappy, ambitious, and resilient. They invent and build things despite uncertainty, because it’s what drives them. Their risks lead to innovation that moves the world forward. And we need them.